About us

At Meryama Permanent Makeup, our mission is to empower individuals to recognize and embrace their innate beauty while enhancing their appearance to look and feel their absolute best. As a team of dedicated permanent makeup artists, we witness firsthand the life-changing impact our services have on our clients.

We understand that many women struggle with confidence in their makeup abilities or find it challenging to invest time in daily makeup routines. That’s where permanent makeup steps in to offer a solution. With our expert artistry, we provide a range of options that address various cosmetic concerns, allowing our clients to wake up with perfectly defined features and radiate confidence effortlessly.

Our passion lies in helping each individual discover the transformative power of permanent makeup, enhancing their natural beauty and simplifying their beauty routines. Join us at Meryama Permanent Makeup, where we believe that every person deserves to feel beautiful and empowered every single day. Let us embark on this beauty journey together and unlock the full potential of your inner and outer beauty.